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“Kasto Keti Jasto…”

“It’s an insult.” If we ask people what they think is the meaning of the phrase, “Keti jasto” (like a […]

Jet Li’s Trip To Nepal!

Looks like actor Jet Li is or currently was on a trip to Nepal.  ‘The Expendables’ star seems to have […]

Dear Friends At Busabout, Here’s The Applicant From Nepal We Recommend You To Consider

[Note: For readers who don’t what this is about, read the details HERE.] Dear friends at Busabout, we’re pretty sure […]

Priyanka Karki Celebrates Birthday With Her ‘Angels’ & ‘Gems’

Priyanka Karki who turned 30 on February 27th this year celebrated her birthday with her most special group of fans. […]

5-Year-Old Dibyani Khadka’s Battle For Cancer Needs Your Helping Hands

Dibyani Khadka, a 5-year-old girl battling cancer, is currently in need of your help and support. The LKG student at […]

For Absolutely No Reason At All, #DearDumbDaya Is Suddenly A Thing Now!

Social media is quite amusing, and at the same time, quite a weird place. You never know what’s going to […]

Thai Watercolor Artist Paints Mind-Blowing Landscapes Of Nepal

Direk Kingnok is a Thai artist who travels across the world and paints landscapes that inspire him. The watercolor artist […]

Party Nepal Talent Management Agency Launched

Nepali cinema is growing, gradually, but yes the industry has been making a lot of progress lately. With the entry […]

Nepal’s Jolly Amatya Leads The Largest United Nations Youth Assembly

Jolly Amatya was appointed as the ‘Youth Chair’ for the Youth Assembly at the United Nations last year when she […]

Ronaldinho Shares An Amazing Artwork Done By A Nepali Artist, Says “Thank You Partner”

Sanil Chitrakar, a Kathmandu born businessman, who currently runs a restaurant in Yokohama, is an insanely talented artist as well. […]

It’s Official, Mira Rai Is 2017 National Geographic Adventurer Of The Year

National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award is coming to Nepal for the second consecutive time. And this time, it’s […]

Kathmandu Girl Teaches Eve Teasers A Serious Lesson They Will Never Forget

Eve teasing, also called as street harassment, is becoming more and more common phenomenon in South Asia. The social disaster […]

Maiti Nepal Founder Anuradha Koirala To Be Honored With Padma Shri Award

New Delhi, Jan 25: As India celebrates its 68th Republic Day tomorrow, the highest civilian awards of the country, Padma […]

Asish Syangden: Nailing This Radio Thing Since Two Decades!

Exactly two decades ago, in the year 1997, two carefree teenage brothers made their radio debut . The brothers were […]

This Poem About A Mother’s Love Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Remember that time when you were upset for some reason and you just rested your head on her laps and […]

A Quick Recap: Our 20 Most Viral Posts Of 2016

Hey guys! Hope you’ve got some great plans for the last day of 2016 and just in case if you’re […]

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