A Furniture Store in the US is Selling Nanglo for Rs. 35000, For Real!

Did you know if you put your 300-rupee nanglo up on the wall, it will become a 300-dollar fancy wall art?

Nope, not even kidding!

Pottery Barn is selling a “Round Bamboo Wall Art” for $299, which is like a little over NPR 35,000. The American furniture store writes, “Round out your accent wall with this impressive woven art piece made from bamboo. Reminiscent of open-air market selling baskets, with a slightly convcave shape and shallow rim, it adds warmth, texture and eclectic style wherever it’s hung.”

Screengrab from www.potterybarn.com

The handcrafted wooven tray made of bamboo is an essential part of a Nepali kitchen, mostly used to seperate dust from grains. While the price might depend on where you buy it from; the average price of a piece is anywhere between 200 to 500 bucks in local market. Choicemandu sells it for Rs. 230 for a 18 inch diameter piece and Rs. 310 for a 22 inch diameter piece.

The company says it’s “imported” but I am not sure where it is made.

Dude, who would’ve thought , right?

This reminds me of another local product that is being sold in the US with different use than ours — chhurpi. Himalayan Dog Chew is hardened cheese but for dogs. The company founded by Nishes Shrestha and Suman Shrestha is apparently the most successful pet product to appear on Shark Tank with annual sales of multiple million dollars.

Screengrab from www.himalayan.pet

Impressive, eh?


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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