India’s First Female Motovlogger is on a Solo Trip from Mumbai to Nepal

[Updated on Jun 10]

Nepal is a dream destination for a lot of Indian motorbike enthusiasts and many of them make our Himalayan nation there first international trip. I am sure apart from Jatt Prabhjot (3.7 million subscribers); the Nepal trip has been one of the most memorable trips for most of those who made the trip, including Mumbiker Nikhil (4 million subscribers) — one of the most popular Indian motovloggers — who did the trip back in 2018.

And now, another extremely popular Indian motovlogger has reached Nepal today (Jun 3).

Vishakha Fulsunge, more popularly known as RiderGirl Vishakha, had started the trip from Mumbai three days back on May 31. She reached from Mumbai to Indore (approx 584 kilometers) on the first day; followed by her next destination Jhansi (approx 550 kilometers) on second; and then Gorakhpur (approx 585 kilometers). After riding alone for around 1800 kilometers on her Royal Enfield Himalayan named Rudra; she entered Nepal today.

The first female motovlogger in India, Vishakha has already explored almost all corners of her country. She has a whopping 1.05 million subscribers on YouTube.

She isn’t following a fixed itinerary and will be exploring Nepal as she likes it, and as she feels like.

On Friday, she had put out the first day vlog of this trip.

And today, she has put out another vlog.

She will most probably start posting the vlogs from Nepal from tomorrow or the day after. Totally looking forward to them.

Congratulations on embarking on your dream trip Vishakha, that you had been planning for two years. Finally!! Best wishes; and I hope you have an absolutely amazing time in Nepal.

(Updated on Jun 10)

Vishakha has explored Lumbini and some of Pokhara so far. She is now en-route Mustang.

Watch her daily blogs from Nepal here.


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