A Pokhara School’s New Ad Has a Rap Song And It’s Actually Pretty Good!

Gotta be honest, most of the ads of educational institutes suck. They’re straight up cringey and lame. Remember that recent one of a college that totally compared it to Howard and Yale? Haha!

So there’s this new ad of a Pokhara school that has over 50k views on Facebook in a single day already. You know what that means, right? It definitely has to be a cringey one that is being shared around to make fun of it. WRONG!

The ad for Pokhara Secondary School is basically a rap song, done by its students, and it’s really good. I mean, the beat is not bad and the rapper is talented. He has done a good job with the lyrics and the performance. The video could be better, like a lot better but I have nothing bad to say about the song. This is pretty cool for a school.


Oops! Looks like they’ve turned embedding off for some reason. Just watch the video on Facebook, okay?

I am impressed so I will share their online admission link HERE. They are located in Bagar. The school looks um, well kinda basic but I like their enthusiasm.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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