You’re Missing Out on Some Fun Content If You Aren’t Watching Deva Thapa’s ‘Kushti’ Videos

360p kinda audio and video quality with 4k level of entertainment!

Deva Thapa is a Nepali wrestler, you know one of those who is called ‘Pahalwaan’ in ‘Kushti’ sport, and he is quite a big name in the scene — with wins across various akhada in India.

I am not big on kushti but as far as I know, his style looks like a fusion of the traditional kushti with some moves that look straight outta WWE. No matter what, this guy is — in Rajpal Yadav’s words — “height kam fight jyada” as he seems to be comfortably beating some giant opponents.

Watch his latest fight from Dangal in Gangath Chhinj Mela in Himanchal Pradesh from earlier this week, where he seemed like he is about to tap out but changed the result of the match within thirty seconds.

Surprisingly, most of his fight videos have almost around a million views on YouTube, which shows how popular this fighter is.

I know Dangal and Kushti don’t have a huge youth following simply because it ain’t no UFC, and is limited to Dehaat mostly. But gotta pay respect where it’s due.

This Nepali talent is doing so well in this sport, that too in the land where Pehalwani is so competitive; I am totally rooting for him.

Way to go, Thapa ji. Keep doing your thing!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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