Nothing Much. Just a Swastima Khadka Appreciation Post!

In the latest interview with Prakash Subedi; Samikshya Adhikari told the host that Swastima Khadka was one of the few people from the entertainment industry to support her during the toughest days of her life — when she even had thoughts of taking own life at times. And that wasn’t surprising to hear at all because the ‘Bulbul’ actress has always been vocal about things and causes she believes in.

I totally understand why most of the celebrities avoid writing or talking about controversial matters. I mean, their entire career might be at stake — you never know. They can’t afford to upset the mass. Also, online bullying is a horrible thing. One day you are happy and writing about an award that you just won; and there would be people commenting, “But eight years ago, you said this. You suck!” Like wtf?? So yeah, I don’t judge the celebs trying to stay away from the heat.

However, I do love and respect (more) the ones who make us realize that humanity is above everything else; and if you are brave enough to tell and support the truth, it won’t go to waste. I love that thing about Swastima.

Just two weeks ago, she had called out a journalist who was unnecessarily trying to create a controversy, linking Surakshya Panta — writing things that she never said about her. She even recalled that the journalist was among the only two female journalists present at the Chapali Height press meet and how it made her happy seeing them among two dozen of other male journalists. However, the happiness didn’t last long; and it shocked her when she found out in the evening that the same journo had written a gossip piece that was far from reality.

When the mayoral race was on, she openly supported Balen Shah. Nope, not saying that she would have been wrong if she supported someone else; just appreciating the fact that she wasn’t acting all neutral and stuff – ‘cos well, films are seen by people with all kinds of political views, and for sure there would be many artists who wouldn’t want to upset the group with different views than theirs — that too in the peak of this “cancel culture”, so most of them would just play “smart”.

I also love the fact that every Friday her social media is full of the posters and the trailers of Nepali films that get released that day. It would make you cool when you wish the other film luck when your film, too, is getting released on the same day. “Waah! Aafno film release vayeko din ma pani aruko film lai promote gardai chha, kasto ramro”. I mean, that’s great and all, but it would look like a stunt if you don’t give a shit about all the other films that release rest of the year. You know what I mean, right?

But Swastima genuinely promotes other films as well — throughout the year.

It’s not like I know her the best or anything; it just feels like she is one of the good ones in the industry. Not simping at all, it just feels great to appreciate people who are worth appreciating. Go try it!

Never change, Swastima, never change.

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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