Bold, Brave, Resilient, Strong, Fearless — Samikshya Adhikari is Everything But Weak

When I started watching the latest Samikshya Adhikari interview with Prakash Subedi, I wasn’t expecting her to be so calm and collected. I mean, the things — I’ll just call it hell — she has been through in past year or so, one would expect to see a scared and broken individual who is about to give up. But no, that is not Samikshya Adhikari. She is bold. She is brave. And she is everything but weak or helpless.

In the 45-minute-interview; the host, as usual, keeps trying to get something out of her — something that would be controversial or sensational but the way she keeps herself calm and collected is commendable. But that doesn’t mean she holds anything back, she fearlessly answers the questions and even takes names of those as** (okay, I will try to control myself) people who were the main villains and vamps that we only thought exist in old films who act like your family and backstab you right at the moment when you were least expecting it.

Samikshya tells the host that she filed the case in first place as she felt threatened for her life from the team of Paul Shah as she kept getting threats. She believes she wouldn’t probably be alive if this case did not take place at all.

When asked about changing the statement in the court — which eventually resulted in the actor’s freedom — she told that she did it because of the love she had for him. She admits that it made her look like the liar, the guilty one, but she was not wrong.

So if it weren’t for her, the actor would still be in jail. But as he is getting a king’s welcome wherever he goes, she is getting stoned at her concert. Apparently, his fees for both music videos and films got doubled up; and on the other hand, she doesn’t have the kind of work she used to have. Even many of the songs that she already had recorded were shelved.

And that’s definitely not the worst of it all, the kind of hatred and torture she gets on daily basis – both online and irl — is something unbearable; but here she is, standing tall because she knows the truth and she will keep on living — loving and respecting herself even if she doesn’t get those from other people. She is enough! And she has got a loving family who stand by her.

Nothing, just massive respect!

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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