Kavi G vs Yodda Beef Explained!

It looks like the Kavi G – Yodda beef isn’t getting over anytime soon! What’s it all about? Let’s start from, well, the start.

In October 2015, Yodda dropped his first major hit ‘Malai Baal’ from his debut mixtape ‘Aatma Bibadh’. At that time, along with this NeoStuffs blog; I was co-blogging with Yama Buddha on a music blog called NepalEnt.com. He was very impressed with this new promising rapper and even wrote about that song on the blog.

YB had also moved to the UK; and he put out his first track out of the UK that very month. The song was called ‘Real‘ and in it, he had hinted at coming up with a new album. Sadly, that album titled ‘Khatra‘ turned out to be his last one. He could not release the album himself; and was released by the producer Nasty under the label of TEC Records in March 2017.

In a song titled ‘K Vaako Hola’, YB had given a shout out to Yodda, saying he is one of the very few rappers he admires; from that, too, we can imagine how much respect he had for the young rapper. In fact, the respect was mutual. Yodda was also grateful to YB and had even thanked him for his support on the Thank You Note ‘Aatma Bibhad’ mixtape.

Cut to June 2017, Yodda dropped his new EP titled ‘Nakab‘. ‘Kharab Bani‘ turned out to be the most popular song from the EP; and it had a bar, “Yaha sabailai yo kura thahai chha, raja huna tesai kaha painchha, kasailai yo khel ko taaj haasil garna, Yodda ko style ra flow chahincha“, which was a subliminal shot at Yama Buddha, whose first song released off of ‘Khatra’ was titled ‘Taaj‘.

Enters Kavi G. He dropped a diss track titled ‘Tai Ho’ fired at many rappers, including Yodda in August 2018. “Nakab lagai Yama dai lai diss hanne ni tai ho” was the shot fired at him.

Six months later, in February 2019, Yodda dropped music video for ‘Saino Tapai’. “Saino tapai ho, bolna agadi soch“, well, that was quite easy to decode that it might have been directed at Kavi G.

And I guess, it was time for Kavi G to get back at Yodda, and he did. ‘Hoibaksiyos Benakab’ was the track he released; and said “Aako ma ho yaha tero kharab baani sudharna.”

Right when we had all moved on and thought that it might all be over, Yodda appeared on Khatra Lifestyle YouTube channel last month in March, spitting ‘Khatra Barz’; and he straight up went, “Ta mu** rudai thees chat ma, ma sanga jaba ta Bizuli bhai sanga haaris, rish le ta taatidai aathis, ma as a saath dine artist, sahanubhuti ra aashwasan paathis, ahile ma naramro maanis ho vanera, sansaar lai dhatis.” If you are not much into the battle scene, Kavi G and Bizuli had a Raw Barz battle in 2017.

All eyes and ears were then turned to Kavi G; and now he has put out a bomb diss track and simply titled it ‘Hardik Shraddhanjali’. Cold.

Well, this is the beauty of hiphop; and you may like it or not, but diss tracks are part of the culture — an integral part of the game. As long as it’s limited to just music and doesn’t get physical at all, it’s all good.

What next? Will Yodda drop something anytime soon? Guess, we will have to wait and see. Peace!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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