Gotta Admit, Kushal Pokhrel’s Hindi Rap Song is Actually Pretty Good & He’s Been Killin’ it Lately

Nobody was taking Kushal Pokharel seriously when he first got into rap. Honestly, even I didn’t buy that this dude who makes comedy videos would actually make it in the scene; but well, I am glad that he has proved everyone wrong and he’s been killing it lately.

With over 7.5 million streams on YouTube, Kushal’s ‘Paisa‘ has already become one of the most popular Nepali rap songs of 2023; that too in less than four months of its release. The sequel to the song, ‘Paisa 2.0‘, too was an instant hit as the song is on its way to reach the 5 million club in less than two months.

He then released another song called ‘Chillo Crorepati’ this month; and now, he has dropped another one and for a change, it’s actually a Hindi rap song. Couple of our homegrown rappers have tried this thing in the past because it opens their work to the possibility of reaching millions of new audience; but I can hardly remember any good Hindi rap songs by Nepali rappers; ‘Aalag‘ by MC Blacksta is one of them, it’s good.

The main issue with most of the Hindi songs written by non-Hindi speakers is the confusion with the use of masculine and feminine words as it gets quite complicated. Waiba Buddha did a Hindi verse in his latest song called ‘Bijaune Yaad Haru‘ and while it’s pretty good, it bothers a little when some sentences are grammatically incorrect; like “Main tere khaas nahi” should be “Main tera khaas nahi“, and “Kat-ta nahi raat meri” should be “Kat-ti nahi raat meri“. Same way, “Ghutan sa hota hain” should be “Ghutan si hoti hain“. It doesn’t seem like much of a problem, but still, somewhere it irritates a little.

But that’s not a problem Kushal Pokhrel’s ‘Nepali Chhore’ faces; it’s almost like it is written by a fluent Hindi speaker. While Waiba went with the slow flow like Talha Anjum, Kushal has gone with that intimidating Divine styled flow. The beat is produced by K-Pass, and the song is written and performed by Kushal himself. The lyric video is a work of Suspense Studio.

Listen to it right here, it’s good.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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