Yama Buddha’s Last Album ‘Khatra’ Has Finally Been Released

2017 was expected to be a great year for rapper Yama Buddha. Not only was he going to release his much anticipated album ‘Khatra’ that he had been working on for three years; but apparently, he was also looking forward to work with popular American rappers Snoop Dogg and Redman this year. The album that originally had nine songs; ‘Taaj’, ‘Paisa’, ‘Khatra’, ‘Sapna’, ‘Usko Mann’, ‘Allare Thito’, ‘Farak’, ‘Atti Bho’ and ‘Yoddha’; was supposed to be released in January and it’s unfortunate that he could not drop the album himself.

The album has now been released under TEC Records by Nasty who produced the beats for all of the songs. Powered by Ruslan FM, the album now has seven songs as three of the songs, ‘Farak’, ‘Usko Mann’ and ‘Atti Bho’ could not be competed. Another song titled ‘Ke Bhaako Hola’ has been added as a bonus track.

Listen to the three of the songs that were released on YouTube.

1. Taaj

2. Paisa

3. Ke Bhaako Hola

Just like its title, the album too is actually ‘Khatra’. We miss you, YB!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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