Watch: Sisan Baniya Gets Candid on Guff Guff Pass Podcast

Sisan Baniya is Nepal’s answer to Akshay Kumar memes. I mean, the YouTube star has lately become a Meme star as well and it’s mostly himself who memes the f*ck out of himself in the most subtle ways in his videos. So what happened when he appeared on the most chill podcast in town? Three hours of non-stop entertainment.

Guff Guff Pass had Sisan on their 117th episode, and the 3-hour session had the two hosts and the guest talk about all the random shit in the world. Beer, Nepali cinema, UFC, Miss Nepal pageant, traveling, ridiculous rules of Nepal, weed, Nepali podcasts (more particularly one podcast), Saptahik, that new viral song — this episode covers everything. What else? What else were you expecting, you gossip queen? About his last relationship and breakup? How about you give him a break? But anyway, he did talk about it as well. In fact, he seemed so comfortable and open talking to these guys; it’s good to see him in his element.

Here’s the full episode.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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