‘Jackie – I am 21’ Trailer: This Dance Drama Actually Looks Pretty Promising

Hollywood has Step Up, Bollywood has ABCD; and well, we we’re gonna have ‘Jackie – I am 21’.

The trailer for the dance drama has just dropped and honestly, it looks pretty good. Even the promotional materials that had been released earlier — the posters, a teaser, and two songs — were impressive as well.

After making her directorial debut in 2018 with ‘Intu Mintu Londonma’, this is Renasha Rai Rana’s second directorial venture. The choreographer-turned director has her first film hero, Dhiraj Magar playing the lead in this one as well. Playing the female lead is Jassita Gurung, who had also entered Nepali cinema in 2018 with Lily Bily, opposite Pradeep Khadka. Interestingly, she was one one of the judges in dancing TV reality show ‘Super Dancer Nepal’, and in this film, she aspires to be the winner of one such competition.

The story revolves around Dhiraj Magar’s Jackie whose dream is to become a successful dancer but that dream is not supported by his family, who want him to become a soldier in the foreign army instead. When he finally decides to go to Kathmandu to chase his dream, he meets Ruby, played by Jassita Gurung, there. And it looks like they get together their dance crew and take part in this competition where they have to compete with some of the finest crews.

One of the best things about the film has to be the crew that was responsible for the direction of choreography, The Wild Ripperz Crew — who have not only made a name for themselves in Nepal; but in India as well, having finished as the runners up in a huge reality show called ‘Dance Plus’ in 2016.

Produced by Prabhu SJB Rana and Prajjwal SJB Rana under the banner of Eyecore Films, the film also stars Arun Chettri, Prem Subba, Loonibha Tuladhar, among others. The music for the film is composed by Rohit Shakya, Swopnil Sharma and Kali Prasad Baskota; so I am sure about the soundtracks of the film — they’re definitely going to be awesome.

Here’s the trailer for the film that releases on May 4.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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