New Kta Haru Song, a Nepali-Spanish Fusion, is Your Jam For the Week!

Looking to add some new tracks to your “Chill Music to Work/Study/Clean/Cook/Relax/ to” playlist? I might have something for you.

A new song has been dropped by Ktaharu and it has some really cool and catchy Spanish hook. Not sure what those lyrics mean but damn who cares, they can be talking shit about me for all I care, but that shit really is chill af. Titled ‘Habla Conmigo’, which means ‘Talk to Me’ — thank you Google Translate — is a song produced by Hype Dai, yeah the dude from Trap Nepal.

The song, that has Dion and Prabin on drums, Albo Gurng on Saxophone and Bimal Gurung on Bass, also features Kishan on vocals. It has been released with a music video produced by Feature Studios.

Good one, I am telling y’all. Listen to it right here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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