Sushant KC’s ‘Jhyal Bata’ Music Video Released With Few Changes

Earlier this week on Sunday, December 3rd; Sushant KC dropped the music video for his new single ‘Jhyal Bata’ on YouTube but it wasn’t up for long as it had to be taken down due to a scene that violated the Nepal Police’s code of conduct for media productions.

Yeah, about that; a little less that three months back, Nepal Police had issued a directive regarding the use of Nepal Police uniforms in films, music videos, television serials, stage performances and similar media productions — making it mandatory to acquire approval. The decision had come pretty much right after ‘Jale Rumal Fatyo’ music video came out where Swastima Khadka was seen essaying a cop role.

In the new Sushant KC music video, it was ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi’ star Upasana Singh Thakuri who was seen as the cop, with that blue uniform on. But that was not really the issue here, as the team already had taken the approval for the use of the Nepal Police uniform in the music video. It was however a particular scene that violated the code. “It was something we filmed inside the prison. Had the scene been outside of prison, they would have let it be; but we were informed that the scene violated the code of conduct as it took place behind the bars. I wish we were given that much of creative liberty because it wasn’t anything extreme, this being a very fun and light-hearted video”, says the director of the music video, Nibhal Bajracharya.

“We did put forward the request but at the end, we had to respect the final decision by Nepal Police and had to alter the music video. They did like the video though, which feels nice. I had taken it as a challenge and re-edited in a way where I could keep the essence of the video as much as I could.”

The team didn’t have to go for a re-shoot as they did have few backup takes of other shots which were sneaked in between said problematic scene, removing the parts which were not approved. “I have nothing against Nepal Police. The situation was frustrating but they did have their points; and they were very kind and understanding in navigating the situation and trying to help us with finding a workaround for not having to go for a re-shoot”, Nibhal further said.

‘Jhyal Bata’ is written, composed and performed by Sushant KC and it’s produced, mixed and mastered by Saswot Shrestha. The music video is a work of Nibhal Bajracharya, who has not only directed and edited the video but also appears on it (yeah, that friend of Sushant’s).

“I had such a fun time directing Sushant and Upasana. She is such a hard-working actor. Even though it was really a kind of a light-hearted music video, but she still did her research to fit in the character. Sushant, on the other hand, takes direction really well.”

The newly re-edited video has now been released. Watch it right here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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