“Nepali Avril” Shubu Thapa’s Debut (And Only) Album Was Released This Month – 14 YEARS AGO!

Avril Lavigne was one of the biggest female pop-stars in the 2000s, most particularly in the first half of that decade with her two of the most selling albums, ‘Let Go’ — released in 2002, followed by ‘My Skin’ in 2004. No wonder the Canadian Pop-Punk queen was a popular figure in Nepal as well and it was only fair that some of our artists were also influenced by her, Shubu Thapa being one of them and it pretty much showed in her work.

The singer-songwriter put out her first album (and only one so far) ‘Eka Desh Ko Kathaa’ in December of 2009. Yep, my dudes — it’s been freakin’ fourteen damn years already. She debuted the music video for the title song the same month. Directed by Sanzip Rai, the music video had such a ‘Complicated’ vibe — but instead of crashing a mall, the lady here was just messing her band mates Balesh Limbu on guitars, Swastik Rai on bass and Santosh Thakuri on drums; and of course Krypto, the dog was there too.

It took her little over a year to release the second music video from the album. Another one directed by Sanzip Rai, ‘Timi Manparcha’ MV was released in January of 2011. I think this is also my favorite song from the album.

That’s it, two music videos and one studio album — and we have not heard from the artist post that. Shubu Thapa has become pretty much a one-hit wonder who is nowhere to be seen in the scene for more than a decade. I would definitely love to see her make a comeback sometime soon.

And by the way, her full album is available on Reverbnation to stream.

Come on, Shubu. Make a comeback!!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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