10 Nepali Singers & Bands We’d Love To See Make A Comeback In 2017

Don’t you miss Nepali pop music? We know what you are thinking, “What do you mean ‘miss’ Nepali pop music? It hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s still here and always will be.” Yeah, we know that but we’re talking about THE pop music, you know, from ’90s and 2000s. Most of the established pop stars are still making music and there are quite a lot of new artistes as well who are very good at what they do, but still, it feels like something is missing these days. May be it’s not the music we miss but the memories attached with them, or whatever, the thing is we miss Nepali pop music that we loved more than anything else.

Also, a lot of artistes and bands we used to love have been long gone. We have compiled a list of those who haven’t released any music in at least last five years. And we really think it’s time they make a comeback. Here they are in alphabetical order.

1. Andazification

One of the finest R&B groups Nepal has ever produced, Andazification and their music had some kind of charm many other Nepali R&B artistes lack. They have been gone for a long and we don’t have details on where they are and what these guys have been up to lately. But we want them to come back with their lively music.

2. Bro Sis Band

The legendary band that gave us ‘Basa Sundari’, ‘China Company’, ‘Chari Udyo’ and ‘Jaadu Timro Tyo Nazarle’ among others; Bro-Sis Band will always be remembered for their beautiful music. It’s been really long since they released any song of theirs and may be it’s time they start doing what they do best – create amazing music.

3. Dibya Subba

With his songs like ‘Paschyatap’, ‘Mary Jane’ and ‘Timro Mann’; Dibya Subba has always been in the hearts of Nepali pop lovers but he has been away from music for quite a lot of years now. He has moved to Sydney where he is a complete family man. He hasn’t played any gig in Nepal since a long time and hardly plays in Australia too. We hope he comes up with at least one song this year.


4. Full Circle

Wow! What do we say about this band! Unarguably one of the finest Nepali bands who mostly did English songs. ‘Maya’, ‘Peace of Mind’ and ‘Hanging On My Feeling’ were some of their most beautiful creations. It’s been almost a decade since they released any of their songs. We would be the happiest if they choose to make a comeback anytime soon.

5. Kranti Ale/Dr. Pilots

Kranti Ale used to be the sweetheart of Nepali pop. A cute personality with an extremely melodious voice, he used to steal hearts. He gave many hits with his band Dr. Pilots and was an equally successful solo artiste too. He now lives in the UK and has been quite some miles apart from music. We hope he wakes up someday and decides to make a comeback.

6. Pranil L Timalsena

Pranil Timalsina along with Girish Khatiwada had formed the first ever mainstream Nepali hiphop group called Girish-Pranil or simply, GP. They gave a number of hits like ‘Ma Yesto Chu’, ‘Meaningless Rap’ and ‘Timi Jaha Pani Janchau’ before both of them went solo. Girish now is the one of the most active Nepali artistes who releases quite a number of songs every year but on the other hand, Pranil has been away from the scene. How amazing would it be to see GP again together!

Sudin Pokharel, more popularly know by his stage name DA69, is not in this list because he did release a song titled ‘Samjhana Aairahecha’ in 2014 with his group The Unity. Still, he isn’t much active in music these days. He is based in Australia and it would be great if he came up with a new song soon.

7. Shubu Thapa

Shubu Thapa came into the scene in late 2000s. She released her album titled ‘Eka Desh Ko Katha’, the only one so far, that had songs like ‘Ekadesh Ko’ and ‘Timi Mann Parcha’. She had a fresh flavor but she was also criticized by many for being ‘heavily influenced’ by Avril Lavigne. But if you ask us, we don’t think it’s bad to be inspired by someone. She had the potential. She had a lovely voice with a pleasant personality. She could have been a successful pop star if  she continued her musical journey but it’s been years since we heard anything from her. It would be great to see her make a comeback someday.

8. Sudip Giri

“Tutnu Thiyo Tutyo Mutu” and “Timi Aaja Bholi Kina Boldainau” were the songs that made us fall in love with Sudip Giri’s music. He was one of the most promising pop stars in mid 2000s but now, he has been away. He is in the United States and plays at concerts sometimes but isn’t much active in music these days. We would be more than happy to have him back.


9. Sudip Gurung

Originally a part of Aastha Band formed with Naren Limbu, Sudip Gurung had released a solo album titled ‘Prayas’ after the two part their ways. While Naren still is very active in the music scene, Sudip hasn’t released any song in years. However, they did a reunion gig in Australia last year and we REALLY hope they work on a song together sometime soon. Would love to see Aastha together.

10. The Uglyz

One of the most loved bands in 2000s, The Uglyz had debuted in 2005 with an album titled ‘Rush’ that had ‘Aaudai Jaadai’, ‘Maya’, ‘Sathi’ and five other songs. They then released another album ‘In Transit’ in 2011 and haven’t come up with any other since then. The band had toured across Nepal in 2015 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut album. They were also part of a show called Kripa Drishya Digital where they performed a new original number called ‘Ghar Jaane’. But they haven’t officially released any song since long. Most of the members are based in Australia. We wish to see this band come up with something this year.

You might be wondering why are many artistes not listed here, but whatever names you have in your mind right now, probably have released at least one song in last five years. If you still have any questions, do shoot them in the comment section below.

Nepali pop is definitely not in its ‘golden’ phase right now. It used to rule the Nepali music scene back then but it’s the film songs that are one the lead currently. May be it’s because we have started to take music for granted these days because it’s so easily available. We don’t value music and artistes the way we used to back in the day. What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Make Nepali pop music great again!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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