A Restaurant in USA is Selling ‘Kheer Momo’ & It’s Our Responsibility to Stop it From Entering Nepal

Doing experiments with food is a good thing but it feels like a cruelty when it comes to doing it with momo. Our good old steamed momo is as good as it gets and it should remain untouched — jhol and kothey, (but not you, fried and chilly momo) are acceptable; but apart from those, everything else needs to be cancelled right away.

Then comes this Nepali restaurant in the States and straight up massacre it a little more by bringing in something called ‘Kheer Momo’.

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The restaurant where this atrocity is taking place is called Momo Hub and it’s in Santa Clara, California. So, making these is one thing but is anyone actually buying them? “Santa Clara has top IT giants and we sell more than 50 plates of Kheer momo everyday — companies like Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Paypal, Sisco, Apple; we deliver to them through catering platform”, says the co-owner Hari Ojha who is also the President of NRNA California chapter.

My next question to him, “Why would you try to ruin such pure and beautiful creation of mankind”, to which he answered, “Well, in this world you can’t sell something which is straight. Had it been only momo, you would not even be interested in asking me the question. Someone has correctly said, “Je dekhcha, tyo bikcha.

“Me, my wife Anzali and my partner Nawaraj Tiwari were drafting menus, trying different kind of momo and suddenly I said, ‘Let’s have some dessert but with momo fusion’ and this concept of Kheer momo popped up”, he further explained how he came up with this outrageous idea. “But my wife laughed at my idea and said no; but when I made it and she took the first bite, she said, ‘Let’s do it’.”

You too, Anzali? Didn’t expect this from you!

Next question, “What does it taste like? Don’t even try to tell me that it actually tastes good.”

“Well, if you like khuwa wala yomari or Indian modak, you can find some similarity. The dough is not sweet and kheer itslef tastes amazing and with the toppings, it tastes awesome. Try it at your home too, we won’t ask for any royalties.”

Nope, still not buying it!!

Talking about royalties, they have actually trademarked Kheer Momo. “In my BBA class at Ace Institute of Management, there was a course on patent and trademark. I was very curious about this, so I researched myself and succeeded in trademarking Kheer Momo under Momo Hub.”

So when is he gonna stop the cruelty and stop making these? “Mark my word, one day you will tell your children that you know how Kheer Momo was started. I will literally take it to the moon.”

Damn. This guy is stubborn.

While going through their socials, I learned that apart from this crime, they actually do one good thing — feed homeless people at certain hour everyday. That’s really impressive, so I kinda forgive them for creating this thing.

What’s your take on this? Would you ever try some Kheer Momo or you are only into good and tasty food?


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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