The Voice of Nepal S5: 3-Piece Rap-Rock Band Earns First Four-Chair Turn of the Season

The Voice of Nepal is back with its fifth season and the first episode got aired on Himalaya TV on September 29th.

There have been some changes in the coaching line up this season with Raju Lama and Prabisha Adhikari not part of the show anymore. Making their debut as the coach this year are Uday Sotang and Milan Newar who will be judging and coaching the contestants alongside Pramod Kharel and Rajesh Payal Rai.

The first episode included five blind audition performances and one of them succeeded in becoming the first act of this season to get the four-chair turn.

These girls.

Singer and guitarist Suprina Lama, and rappers Monalisha Shrestha and Bhumika Buddhacharya formed their band called Faithom six years ago in July of 2017. They have released some originals and done some covers so far; and their most popular gig so far has been their performance on the third season of It’s My Show on Kantipur TV two years back where they did an original number titled ‘Sutisake Nepali’. They have also appeared and performed on Yoho Television.

As this was not their first national television appearance, it might have been the reason that this trio looked absolutely confident and no wonder, they nailed their performance of their original song ‘Bhidna’. Milan Newar was the first to turn, followed by Pramod Kharel. Uday Sotang, too, couldn’t help but turn and so did Rajesh Payal Rai. And there it was — the first ever four-chair turn of the season; and man, they absolutely earned and deserved it ‘cos they were on fire!!

Honestly, it was quite a surprise as these mainstream television singing reality shows aren’t very hiphop friendly if it’s not specifically a rap talent hunt — not just speaking in context of Nepal but even globally. I am so happy that these girls achieved this four-chair turn feat; it will always be special.

I am looking forward to see their next performances and I hope they keep rocking the stage like they did in this blind audition.

Here’s the full episode, they make their entrance at 1:07:25.

You go, girls!!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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