New Kavi G Music Video Has Such A Feel Good Vibe

Hiphop fans are in for some treat as Kavi G has been putting out back to back tracks from his new EP ‘Aaja Arko Panna Chyatincha’ lately. He has dropped three tracks off of the EP so far in a month. While the fans are looking forward to the fourth track, the rapper actually released a new single this week.

Titled ‘Yo Basanta’, the song is written and performed by Kavi G while the beat is produced by his long time collaborator Young Shadow; and the track is masted by AJ The Producer. Now, let’s talk about the music video that the song has been released with — it’s so good, like it gives off such good vibes and hey, no surprise at all because the guy behind it is Jholeyism who has directed and edited the video. It stars Amrita Pun and Prabal Magar alongside the rapper himself.

Stream it right here!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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