Lil Buddha’s ‘Magic’: Here’s Proof That Aliens Exist & They Vibe to Sacar’s Music

After missing two announced release dates, Lil Buddha aka Sacar’s new music video is finally here — and believe me when I say this, it’s worth all the wait.

The song was initially announced to be out last month on July 12 but later Sacar told fans that the music video is taking longer than expected and requested them to be patient. And earlier this week, it was set for Aug 8 release but got slightly delayed by few hours and finally, in the morning of Aug 9 — ‘Magic’ has now really happened.

The US government almost confirmed last week that aliens kinda do exist. In the Congressional hearing on UAPs and UFOs, witnesses testified that the government has knowledge of alien life. While the US government hasn’t officially accepted it, we have proof that aliens exist for real — watch for yourself.

See, I told you. And they been vibing to Sacar’s music all this time.

Jokes apart, this is such a cool music video — has to be one of the finest Nepali rap videos so far. Also, the song is straight up lit. The entire production screams “INTERNATIONAL”.

Featuring 88savagegod, the song is recorded and mixed by another one of Sacar’s favorite collaborator Bluesss — and the music is produced by Def Starz. The music video, a work of NFTP, stars Noerya, Minie and Misty along with the two artists themselves.

Overall, this is some dope piece of work. Absolutely spectacular!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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