GBOB is a Dope Battle Rapper But His Songs Released So Far Are Just Mediocre

I do know that that battle rapping and song writing can totally be two different skills, but when you are a fan of a certain rapper, no matter what style, you really wish they drop some banger.

GBOB made battle rap great again (in Nepal) — years after the iconic first season of Raw Barz that helped make hiphop a little more mainstream. His ANTF stint took the battle rap series to a whole new level, and every single one of his battles have got millions of views on YouTube — making him one of the most successful Nepali battle rappers. His line “milena level tero bau bola eh” against Maila instantly made him a household name — even among those who aren’t really into hiphop.

So it was quite obvious for the fans to have huge expectations from him even for the studio recorded releases, but his recent drops so far haven’t lived up to them — whether it was ‘Finally Bhetiyo’ or that A Mero Hajur 4 OST.

His latest song is a love song titled ‘Timro Chahana’, which again is quite mediocrenot up to his level.

He is a dope artist and I know he can do better. I really hope to see him in his element. I wish to see him bring that fire and rawness back in his next release.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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