I$H Drops Full Version of Viral Hit ‘Ma Neta Vaye Vane’

Jhapalish aka I$H is straight up one of the most entertaining people on social media. His laid-back attitude is something I wish I had, so I wouldn’t be stressing about stuff that shouldn’t be bothering me. Anyway, there can only be one I$H, aye?

The entertainer has already given two viral verses this year for the people to use in their TikTok vids and Instagram reels — that ‘Jungle Ko Bhoot’ verse and another one where he told people what he would do if he became a political leader. And now he has released a full version of the same, adding another verse to ‘Ma Neta Vaye Vane’.

While in the first verse, that got released a couple of months earlier, he said he would be giving out hira, moti, soon (gold, diamond, pearls) to people and also the allowance for old people would be a mil per month. He continues with the similar promises in the second verse and says he would be coming to your doors asking for votes during next election.

The no-rhyme song surely is a fun one. Listen to it right here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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