6-Piece Rap Group ‘The Phoenix Mob’ Release Self-Titled Music Video

Y’all, The Phoenix Mob have released their first music video from the debut album ‘Rising Through The Ashes’.

The rap group that consists of six members; Rage, Nemesis, Error, 0fake, 666 and Rome; is most probably the first Nepali rap group with these many rappers, if I am not wrong. Rappaz union, Nepsydaz, The Underdogs — all of them had four members; Madzone had three, SickJam too has got three. So yeah, can’t think of any other group with six members. This is the number that we mostly see in cyphers but it’s not common to have a six-piece rap group, and they look extremely promising.

This is also probably the first Nepali rap group with femcees as they have got two female rappers, Rome and Nemesis.

Anyway, back to the song and the album; the song’s called ‘Phoenix Mob’ and it’s produced, mixed and mastered by Ktm Souljah. The music video is a work of DYL Films.

Great work!

So, the album has seven tracks and it comes on a re-usable USB drive — which has such a dope artwork. I mean, look at this.

The group has got an album launch gig this Saturday (June 3) at Omnia The Club. Find the deets here.

Totally digging their work. I hope they stick around and keep doing their thing for long.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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