Promising New Rap Artist Drops Debut Music Video For Drill Song ‘Mahakali’

2ndSkin99 is a pretty new and strange name but it’s gon’ be a familiar name soon if she keeps doing what she does!

Well, that’s the stage name of Nilam Pandey, an up-and-coming rap artist based in Australia.

The rapper recently dropped her first music video and it slaps to say the least!

The song’s called ‘Mahakali’ and she has got Surakshya Panta, one of the most talented Nepali actresses of the current time, to star on the music video — directed by Prabin Shrestha.

The music video portrays what a woman can do when she shows her ‘Kali’ avatar; and it’s backed by the powerful lyrics and the smooth execution. Way to go, Nilam. Kinda gives me Raja Kumari vibe.

Great stuff!

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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