Interview: This New Singer-Songwriter Is Gonna Blow Up Soon For Sure

I should prolly change that title ‘cos this girl’s blowing up already, y’all!!

I am sure you can’t get enough of ‘Hami‘ lately. “Sajha ko paacha ma asthaune ghama, timi sanga basi herda ta jhana, Sansar ko sabai sundarata bhanda sundar dekhinthyo” hits right where it hurts, eh?

Ladies, gentlemen and friends beyond the binary; presenting to you….. the one and only…. *drumroll*

Prajina Lamichhane!!

Definitely one of my favorite new artistes right now, Prajina hasn’t been in the scene for long but already has put out an EP titled ‘Nineteen’, that came out in 2021 — and then some singles. The two songs of hers that are getting all the love at the moment are ‘Hami’ and ‘Yo Sahar’.

Had a chance to chit-chat with this young talent recently. So, here we go!

Hi Prajina, how are you doing?

Hello, I’m doing good.

So much love for ‘Hami’, right? How does it feel?

It feels weird to know that the music I’ve written in the comfort of my own time and space has been able to get instilled in the lives of so many people. ‘Hami’ was a song I wrote when I was just learning songwriting in Nepali since I usually write in English. I was proud of it then and still am so it’s very surreal to see the song experience the love it does now.

The live version of the song is getting even more appreciation and it’s because it was such an honest and emotional performance. What was going on? What emotions were you going through?

Yes, that was a very new experience for me; even performing in general is overwhelming to me because I have only just recently started to do so but as funny as it may sound, I realised the lyrics were pretty well done and I could relate so I got very overwhelmed and couldn’t stop myself from breaking down.

Where did that Roya event take place?

Roya Backyards took place at “The 100 Spaces” at Baneshwor, Kathmandu which is a co-working space.

People want to know everything about you; kinda like Janata janna chahancha. So tell me about yourself.

As much as I’d want to make things sound cool I think my life is as ordinary as it can be. I just turned 22 and I finally started pursuing music as a career a few years back, currently studying for a degree I will most probably not pursue and I love sleeping if that counts.

Did you ever get a formal training in music or are you more like self taught?

No, I have not yet but I think I need it ’cause learning only makes you better.

Who is your inspiration?

I get inspired by a lot of artists that I listen to and have listened to throughout the years. I wanted to be a singer when I found out Selena Gomez was a singer because I was obsessed with Alex Russo as a child. Right now musically I enjoy artists such as Gracie Abrams, Beabadoobee, CAS, Joji along with KPOP and so many other artists that would take me ages to write down.

Do you follow Nepali music? Who are some of your favorites?

Yes, I do. I love SJV’s songwriting along with Yabesh’, Phosphenes makes such good indie music that is very rare in Nepal,. VZN also brings a different form of pop on the table. I recently saw Sabin Rai perform and had a big fangirl moment. Also there are so many good bands in Nepal. I think the industry is filled with gems.

What’s your writing process like?

I usually just start writing and come up with the story while I write. Sometimes I use type beats from YouTube and write according to the vibe they give off. Other times I get inspired through movies and songs and what not, it just happens.

Are you working on new music?

Yes, I’m always working on new music. Recently working on something different from the tracks I have released recently so hope you will be on the lookout.

Definitely. ‘Yo Sahar’ was your first big hit. What was your initial reaction to its success?

I actually can’t comprehend things through numbers on YouTube and such and it was kinda weird as it was blowing up after a year of its release but it started hitting me when people would recognize me as the ‘Yo Sahar’ girl. I also accumulated hate from different places and that was very exciting, felt famous.

You’ve been doing both English and Nepali songs. Which comes more naturally?

Writing in English, hands down.

You put out your first EP ‘Nineteen’ around two years back; and you’ve got Bluesss producing the beat. I mean, he’s one of the finest in the scene. How did that collab take place?

I used to upload covers when I was 17-18 on my other YouTube channel. I found his comment on one of my videos and we started talking about working together and we did. I think my EP is great and to have entered the industry with such a well written and produced album has always made me proud.

How about Regan? You’ve known each other for long?

Regan has been a mutual friend of my friends since a long time but I started talking to him only a year ago when we finally met through our mutual friend. Also he goes to the same college as I and we still hadn’t talked until last year.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re about to drop a song? Do you fear that it might not work?

It’s always nerve-racking and I fear that so much hard work might just go into the backburner but another part of me is always very chill and feels like there’s no way it won’t do well.

Your songs are hella relatable and I am sure you must be getting a lot of messages and stuff. What kind of reactions you’ve been getting mostly?

I get a lot of confessions and ‘thank you for your song’ type of reactions but honestly I’m more thankful that people even listen to my music and spend time on it.

What’s next? You’ve got some plans already or you’re just gonna go with the flow for now?

I have a lot of plans, I think being an artist is a lot of work that people may not see while they look at us. I’m always trying to better myself and bring something new to the roaster.

At last, what’s the best thing about doing music?

I think the community is what makes it fun along with all the creative parts I get to do. Studio sessions, cooking new things up, getting praised or hated. All of it brings me experiences and I count them all as the parts in this journey that makes it worthwhile.

Damn! She’s definitely gonna go a long way. Be part of her journey. Find her on Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Discord.


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