Watch: Singer-Songwriter Gets Emotional While Performing An Original Live

Prajina performed at a Roya Backyards event earlier this year in February where she sung a new song of hers. After the official release of the song, the video of the live performance has now also been released.

The singer-songwriter gets emotional midway while performing and starts crying as she sings, “Sajha ko paacha ma, asthaune ghama, timi sanga basi herda ta jhana, sansar ko sabai sundarta bhanda, sundar dekhinthyo, khai kina hola…..

Then Regan, who is on guitars, and the wonderful audience start cheering for the artiste — motivating her to keep performing, and she does. Such an emotional, honest and heartfelt performance she delivers!

[Read the interview with her HERE.]

Girl, whatever or whoever, made you feel that way; I hope you are feeling better and happier now. Just know that you are a star!

Watch here.


The official music video for the song, a collaboration with Regan, was released last month. “Hami is a story about giving up for the good although it shatters you to the core. I hope you can experience the highs and lows the song brings with its lyrics, vocals and the harmony of instruments which is thanks to Regan”, she had said about the song.

Written, composed and performed by Prajina Lamichhane; the music is composed by Regan Bhandari. The music video directed by Sayun Shakya stars Dipti Sharma and Samrat Shrestha.

Definitely the up and coming artiste to watch out for!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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