Watch: Two New Music Videos With Similar Theme But Different Vibe

There are two new Nepali music videos that recently got my attention. Both of them have got pretty similar theme — a couple who are not only passionate lovers but also partners in crime, like literally!

‘J Sukai Bhanos’; a song written, composed and performed by Shailendra Singh Mac; got its music video shot, edited and directed by Milan Thapa — and was released on YouTube on Apr 24. The eight-minute video, filmed in the US, stars Sandesh Thapa and Astha Shrestha.

It’s a lovely song with a damn good music video — I mean, it’s a Milan Thapa film, you wouldn’t expect anything less.

Then there’s ‘Hold Unto’, that got released today (Apr 30). It’s an English number; written, composed and performed by Baek Rai. Another beautiful song; and this one too comes with a wonderful music video — directed by Vikas Ranzitkar, also shot and edited by himself along with Shayuj Pokhrel.

Shayuj also stars in the four-minute music video alongside Numba Subba and Nihesh Sigdel.

While the story-line of both the music videos are quite similar, with the female characters meeting the same fate at the end — it’s just a coincidence. Both of them were probably shot simultaneously and are released within the matter of few days. Also, it’s not completely a new music video plot as the 2016 music video for DJ Snake x JB song ‘Let Me Love You’ had somewhat similar visuals. I am sure there are a number of other MVs as well; but probably not as popular as the DJ Snake song.

So yeah, I love both the songs and they’ve got fine music videos.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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