Somebody Turned Harka Sampang’s ‘Guithe’ Into a Legit Song: Watch

There’s nothing Harka Sampang can’t do. The Mayor on weekdays, construction worker on weekends; and a live performer on TikTok by night; has been putting out some of the funniest sarcastic songs on the platform — ‘Guithe’ being one of them.

The video already has over half a million of views on the platform in less than two weeks. I mean, that’s a pretty exciting number even for a pro artiste. So anyway, every viral content is followed by covers, parodies and more. No wonder, this one’s got them too; and well, I’ve already got my favorites.

First, there’s this drum cover by Ashok Gurung.

Then a guitarist, Isak Rasaily, added guitars into it.

So much fun!

Don’t be surprised if someday they drop a Harka x Balen collab!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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