Just Some Food Pics to Torture You During This Lockdown

Fellas, how’s it going? I know it’s been forever since you last went out (let’s not talk about the day when you sneaked out during the first week of the lockdown and couldn’t sit down for an entire week). Just kidding, police my friend.

Anyway, what is it that you miss the most about not being able to go out? Is it food from your favorite places around the town? I mean, yeah, we are not dying of hunger but it’s time we got some break from home-made meals. So, I thought, why not give a glimpse of what you’ve been missing at home and make you hate this lockdown (and me) a little more than you already do. I know a lot of you yourself have turned into amazing chefs in these few weeks and you can now boil eggs, make tea and cook chau-chau but I am sure you, too, can’t help but drool seeing these sexy pictures.

That’s enough torture for today.

Don’t lick your phone screen for god sake.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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