Underside Release First New Song in Four Years

You know how sometimes you talk about something that you are thinking of getting and the next moment, an ad for it shows up on your feed? Something like that kinda just happened. I was going through TikTok just last week and saw a Babymetal video and instantly thought it has been a while since Underside released a new song. The Japanese band made me think of Underside because few years back they were the two finalists in this online Heavy Metal World Cup, organized by Louder Sound, the publisher of the heavy metal music magazine Metal Hammer.

So anyway, to my surprise, Underside dropped a new music video today. The band had been touring across the world in the late 2010s and dropped a number of songs as well. Their last official release was the music video for ‘Wild’ that the band put out in September of 2019. And now, after over four years, they have blessed the fans with a brand new song titled ‘Prey’.

“After 3 years of working with children in the Himalayas of Nepal through @metalfornepal, this music video reflects our dissatisfaction and commentary on the social stigma that still prevails in Nepali society, often in the name of witchcraft”, the band wrote. “These stigmas and deep-rotted belief systems ruin many women’s lives and have an unimaginable impact on their children. Underside will continue to challenge these ill-fated practices and hopes that they will be eradicated from our society altogether.”

The music video dedicated to the “beautiful souls who have lost their lives due to this sickening belief system” is directed and edited by 333.

These guys never disappoint. Amazing work!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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