New Music: Prajina, Dixita Karki, Purna Rai, Sajjan RV, Rachana Dahal, Chumbak & More

November’s here, and we’re officially less than 60 days away from 2024. Dang! Where did last couple of years go?? Like seriously, we could have stayed in and enjoyed the late 2010s a little more if we knew that the world’s gonna get screwed the very next year. How are we in the mid 2020s already! I guess what they say is true, time really does fly.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a music post — because no matter what, music is always a good idea!

Quite a number of releases in last two weeks, and these are some of the those that I liked. I might have missed a good song or two, so it’s your responsibility to let me know if I did. Send me a chitthi or something ‘cos I am sure you ain’t gonna leave a comment like it’s 2016.

Let’s see what we’ve got!

Luckey Sherpa – Kavi Nai Hunchu Ki K Ho

Luckey Sherpa has been making and releasing music since over 5 years but sadly, none of his over dozen songs have brought him the kind of attention he deserves; but he is still grinding and well, that’s what you always gotta do. Good for him, his latest work is performing a lot better than his previous songs. ‘Kavi Nai Hunchu Ki K Ho’ is written, composed and performed by Luckey and the music video starring Bomii is directed by T-Sam Lama.

Abhaya & The Steam Engines – Jhyaalaima Basera

Another beautiful number from Abhaya & The Steam Engines this year after ‘Baasa Ko Ghari’, ‘Jhyaalaima Basera’ is written and composed by the front-woman Abhaya Subba. The song is mixed and mastered by DJ Zanrix.

Rachana Dahal – Asambhav

Rachana Dahal has to be one of my favorite singer-songwriters right now. Her latest release is ‘Asambhav’ from her album ‘Janmadaag’. Written, composed and performed by Rachana herself, the track is engineered by Bikash Bhujel.

Purna Rai – Kalo/Seto

I am pretty sure you’re still in love with “Timro maya niraansaye bhaye mero maya saye” and so am I. But you do need to check out Purna Rai’s new songs after that too. He surely is hella talented and his newest release ‘Kalo/Seto’ is proof. Written, composed and performed by himself, the song also features Dushant Lim on vocals. With John Rashin Singh on flutes and Manahang Rai on bass, the song is mixed and mastered by Navaraj Sunuwar Kapil.

Oasis Thapa – Gunaaso

‘Juni Vari Lai’, ‘Jaani na Jaani’, ‘Aparichiti Bhawana’ and ‘Bhikhaari’ are some of the few gems Oasis Thapa has already given us; and he keeps on giving us more. His latest is called ‘Gunaaso’ and our only gunaaso to him is that he needs to perform live more ‘cos we would love to see him play all of his songs right in front of us.

Wangden Sherpa – Timi Nacha Na

Gotta be the one of the most fun songs this year, Wangden Sherpa really delivered with this one. In less than a month of its release, ‘Timi Nacha Na’ is his most popular song already and all I can say is, well deserved.

Roj Man Maharjan – Aila Luwaya

Okay, I don’t understand a single word of this song; but I love it. ‘Aila Luwaya’ is a Nepal bhasha song by Roj Man Maharjan and it’s too damn good.

Raju Lama – Ramailo Mela

Raju Lama dropped music video for ‘Ramailo Mela’ this week. The song from Mongolian Heart Vol 8 album is written, composed and performed by the OG himself.

Kandara – Bichara Ma

Kandara, one of my all time favorite bands, introduced some new band members this week and they released a new song. Lucky us!

Kavi G – Bagai Lagla Hai

Kavi G’s ‘Aaja Arko Panna Chyatincha’ album is such a vibe. He dropped the firth track titled ‘Bagai Lagla Hai’ from the album this week.

Prajina – Bloom/Basanta

One of my favorite Gen Z artists, Prajina also released a number this week. The song’s called ‘Bloom/Basanta’ and it’s released with a music video by Butterscotch.

Dixita Karki – Mana Namana

I love the fact that Dixita Karki is spending more time making music lately and has released quite a number of songs this year. Her latest is called ‘Mana Namana’ and it’s written and composed by Mukhya Ghale with music produced by OMG Spark.

Sajjan Raj Vaidya – Suna Kaanchi

This has been a good year for Sajjan Raj Vaidya fans as he has been regularly dropping new songs. ‘Suna Kananchi’ is the latest song by the US-based singer-songwriter.

Samriddhi Rai – Hamro Geet Feat. Neetesh Jung Kunwar

One of everyone’s favorite celebrity couples right now, Samriddhi Rai and Neetesh Jung Kunwar released a duet this week. Titled ‘Hamro Geet’, the song’s written and performed by the two, and the music is produced by B2 Sanjal.

Chumbak – Parkhidina

Time for some rock and roll, and here’s your dose — Chumbak released the music video for the title song from their debut EP ‘Parkhidina’ last week.

Enjoy, y’all!


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