3 Days Since I Watched ‘Jaane Jaan’, Still Trying to Decode What Kareena Kapoor Khan Said in Nepali

If you’re into suspense thrillers, there’s a new Netflix original movie called ‘Jaane Jaan’ that might interest you.

Directed by Sujoy Ghosh (Kahaani), the film is based on Japanese author’s novel ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’. It stars Kareena Kapoor Khan, Jaideep Ahlawat and Vijay Varma in the leading roles. Set in Kalimpong, Darjeeling; you can hear the supporting and background characters speak Nepali throughout the film. It also has Sikkimese actor, Karma Thapa, who was also part of Amazon Prime series ‘The Last Hour’ which starred our very own rockstar, Robin Thapa, playing the main antagonist.

Kareena’s character Maya can also be heard speaking some Nepali couple of times — once when she just says, “Nagara” (Don’t do it) to a waiter; and another time when she speaks (well, tries to speak) a full sentence in Nepali but it really makes no sense at all.

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At 1:20 (time stamp), the scene is at restaurant where Vijay Varma orders a plate of momo. Kareena is kinda pissed, so just to give him some hard time, she asks the waiter to bring the extremely hot sauce with it — in Nepali. “Ek plate faaksa momos talera bhurjalake halera dinus.”; to which the waiter must have said, “What? What did you say?” but no, he replies, “Tara ma’am waha ko bhudi poldaina” (Won’t it hurt his stomach?). And then Kareena says, “Timi surta na gara, aafno kaam gara” (Don’t worry about it, just do your job) which is way more accurate than the previous sentence, she just pronounced it something like “surta” instead of “chinta” which shouldn’t have been so difficult as it’s the same word for worry in Hindi as well.

Anyway, the English subtitles for the first sentence reads, “A plate of pork momos. And get the special ghost pepper chili sauce”, which doesn’t sound anything like that in Nepali when she speaks it. A little more effort would have been nice instead of speaking gibberish.

Here’s that clip on TikTok.

Now you know.

So, an impressed Viay Varma then asks her, “You can speak Nepali?” and I was like “F*** no!”

It’s not much of a big deal but still, getting such small things correct makes it way more impressive. I know hardly one or two percentage of the people who will watch the film can speak or understand Nepali, but it would have been nice to have a proper dialogue.

But can’t deny the fact that it’s a solid film and you should totally watch it.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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