SickJam’s Easi 12 & Dayjen Feature in New Urgen Moktan Song ‘Baal Chaina Kei Ko’

SickJam fans, rejoice!

It has been over a year since SickJam dropped any song. It was this rap trio of Dayjen, Easi12 and Professor Trix that made the entire pandemic period a little bearable with their back to back drops. I mean, 2020 was shitty but at least these guys were giving us some bangers. So anyway, while the rap group hasn’t released anything together this year yet, Easi and Trix have dropped a couple of their solo numbers.

I really hope the three will get into the studio together soon and put out some dope numbers. For now, two of the three boys, Easi and Dayjen, have got a song out. Titled ‘Baal Chaina Kei Ko’, the song by Urgen Moktan features the two SickJam rappers as featured artists. It’s a dope song with the beat produced by Jxxded; and the track is recorded and engineered by Minusdbstu.

Really good. Check it out here.

Hey SickJam, don’t keep us hanging here hereko herei looking forward to your next release, drop some already, boys!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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