Hella Talented Yet Underrated Singer-Songwriter, Rachana Dahal, Releases New Music Video

Not all good artists need to blow up, some of them and their work can be our little secret. You know, we can have some kind of secret society that actually dig good songs not just the popular ones; and appreciate the gems created by talented folks.

Rachana Dahal is one of those artists that we gotta protect at all costs.

The singer-songwriter is one gem of an artist who has been putting out some wonderful songs over the years. Her latest released work is the music video fro her new song titled ‘Alagaav’. Written, composed and performed by herself; the track is engineered by Bikash Bhujel. The music video filmed by Puru KC stars just herself.

This is such an amazing piece of work.

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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