‘Jindagi Sarara’ Singer Releases Beautiful New Song With ‘Into The Wild’ Inspired Music Video

If you’re good at something — hell, even if you are not, but you want to get better at something — you just gotta keep doin’ your thing, even if no-one’s noticing you or your work. Just keep doing it.

Not talking to you, Sajin Maharjan. You should immediately stop ruining all the good songs.

Jokes apart, Sushant Ghimire has been constantly making and releasing music — covers and some originals as well – since five years. And it took him over four years to finally get the attention he deserves. His song ‘Jindagi Sarara’ blew up when it came out in January this year. It was doing good everywhere – YouTube, TikTok, Instagram; like I said, everywhere. And it’s so good to see such talented artists getting this kind of recognition.

His last release was an original Hindi number titled ‘Ishq Ki Duniya’. And he has now released another Nepali original and I gotta say, it was worth the wait. The singer-songwriter’s latest single is called ‘Mann Chari’ and it’s written, composed and performed by Sushant himself. The music, that features Samipya Dangol on flute, is produced by Ester Rijan who has also mixed the track mastered by Saswot Shrestha.

It’s a beautiful song that has been released with a music video starring Nabin Chandra Aryal. Shot and directed by ROB, the video is edited by Rupu Rupu. Folks who admire director Sean Penn’s 2007 flick ‘Into the Wild’ will definitely love this one as well; as it looks like it is quite inspired from the Emile Hirsch starrer. I mean, we’ve all been there at some point in life, where we have wanted to leave all the moh-maaya of life behind and just say, “F*** it” and just go away from everything. Wait, no, not like that; I mean away from all the people and hustle bustle of the city, your job; and just live somewhere in peace.

So yeah, a damn good song with an equally fantastic music video. Watch it right here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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