Phosphenes Release Music Video For ‘Drishya’ From ‘Simit Yaad’ EP

Okay, let me start with telling you this, I love Phosphenes. It’s one of my favorite Nepali acts.

The trio of Aman Karna, Abhi Pokhrel and Prajwal Aryal have recently dropped their latest EP titled ‘Simit Yaad’. The 5-track EP is your seventeen minutes of get-away from the chaos that this world is. It’s so good.

Bonus, they’ve now released the first music video off of the EP, for the track ‘Drishya’. Written by Abhi and Prajwal; the music is produced by another gem, Diwas Gurung, who I totally suspect is a magician. The video, that has such a retro vibe, is shot by Mishek Limbu and directed and edited by Shirish Gurung. Along with the band members themselves, the video stars Maya Bhandari, Shreeshesh Shrestha, Robin Wagle, Heaven Upadhyay, Niraj Acharya and Nirita Yakthumba.

Watch it here.

Listen to the entire EP right here.

Love it!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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