‘Julebi’ Trailer: ‘Manjari’ & ‘Gaja Baja’ Director’s New Film Looks Really Good

It’s been ten years since ‘Manjari‘ came out. I had actually kinda liked the film starring Gaurav Pahari and Sujata Koirala; and also — the film gave us one of the best Nepali songs of the 21st century, ‘Daiba Hey’. Five years later, second film by the director Ganesh Dev Panday — ‘Gaja Baja‘ — was released after getting stuck for almost two years due to the word ‘Ganja’; and they had to make a little change in the title. The film was literally about two friends, Sushil Sitaula and Anupam Sharma, hunting for that stuff throughout the movie. It was a fun film, though.

Another five years later, the director is back with his third film and let me tell you this — this one looks like a really good film. I am totally impressed.

Having released some posters (one of which looked like it was heavily “inspired” by Lust Stories — the Netflix film that also starred our very own, Manisha Koirala) and a teaser, a two-minute trailer for the film has now been dropped. The film has a stellar cast comprising of Surakshya Panta, Usha Rajak, Nisha Adhikari, Sushil Sitaula, Puskar Karki, Tuphan Thapa and Monika Thapa among others. Produced by Aabha Sharma Nepal, the film that releases on August 18th, is written and directed by Ganesh Dev Panday.

I can’t tell if the film’s gonna be a hit or not (Pfft! Of course nobody can, stupid me) because the only films that seem to be making money these days are those with Dayahang Rai in the lead or if it’s a Deepak-Deepa or a Ram Babu Gurung film; but this one surely looks like a film that I would watch if it were playing at a theater near me.

So if you are one of those like me who aren’t into really loud and annoying kinda acting, but look for something subtle and natural — then this one’s for you.

See, I told you it looks promising.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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