Uniq Poet Talks Beef with Nasty, Underdogs Comeback, Iconic Rap Battle Against Laure

Uniq Poet is handsdown one of the sickest emcees Nepal has produced. No cap! He recently appeared on ‘On Air’ podcast along with his friend and ‘The Underdogs’ member Symfamous, hosted by Sanjay. The three talked about a lot of stuff in the episode that’s almost two and half hours long. While they did talk about hiphop and music; they also covered a lot of other topics including Oppenheimer and other films, climate change and environment, aliens, vipassana, and a lot more.

Having given a number of hits in the mid 2010s including ‘Boka’, ‘Oi Batti Khoi‘ and ‘K Re?‘, among others, together as a four-member group called The Underdogs; the two rappers talked about a possible comeback of the crew in near future — with two other members, Grizzle and Menace — all of whom have been busy with their solo ventures in recent years.

Uniq also remembered about the early days when he used to jam with Nasty and the crew. Years later, in 2017, him and Nasty also had a beef going on as they even dropped diss tracks directed at each other. He cleared the air surrounding speculations that the beef might still be on saying that they have grown up now and have realized that it’s better to team up than to have a rivalry. While they don’t have any collab plans for now, Uniq said that might happen sometime too. Good to know.

The two rappers also talked about their early Raw Barz days and the workshop that was conducted by Yama Buddha — and how good it was. The two, of course, have a lot of good memories from the ground-breaking rap battle series; but we also found out about how upset Symfamous had become after his first battle against MC Rage when the battle got released on YouTube and the people started mocking and bullying him in the comment section.

Uniq also shared his experience of the epic battle against Laure and how even after getting defeated, he felt lucky that he got to lose against such a talented battle rapper. I mean, if he calls that a defeat; I would love to get defeated every single day ‘cos he was so good in that battle. And even after ten years of the event, people still go and watch it on pretty much regular basis. I always appreciate how respectful he was towards his opponent, for real, he literally started that battle saying, “Big fan, though.”

He expressed that while he never thought of the stint in Raw Barz as a failure, he actually felt he failed when he was unable to open up to his family about his wish to study IT. He said he couldn’t do well in his further studies because he wasn’t learning what he wanted to. He went to Australia and couldn’t really do well and had to return home. He then finally realized that you got to do what you love and moved ahead with two things he loved — hiphop and IT, and that’s what he has been doing.


In the entire episode, it’s Uniq who does most of the talking and Symfamous is kinda there to be a good friend. Seriously, he seems like such a great friend who is so proud of his buddy; he talks so highly of him. It would be nice for anyone to have a friend like that, who will always have your back.

I also liked how they appreciated VTEN’s hustle; I mean they didn’t particularly name him but you could easily tell — especially when Sanjay suddenly broke into a smile when Uniq used the word paara.

Overall, another good episode; and it’s so good to see people are still consuming two hour-content in the age of 15 second-content. It only proves that you gotta create good content and people will appreciate it for sure.

Here’s the full episode.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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