Watch: HBO Should Totally Film a Season of The White Lotus at This Resort in Nagarkot!

It’s always good to see Nepal in foreign YouTubers’ channels. A lot of our home grown YouTubers create better content than them but their audience is mostly limited to Nepalis around the world. On the other hand, there are higher chances of the content’s reach outside of the Nepali diaspora when it gets released from a foreign creator’s channel and it surely helps a lot in bringing the tourists here, which is great.

It’s a win-win situation for both Nepal, and the content creator as they are almost sure to gain better numbers when they put out Nepal related content as compared to content from other parts of the world. So yeah, that’s wonderful.

Yad of Yad Ventures YouTube channel is currently in Nepal. It’s the British YouTuber’s second time in the country as he had come here last year as well when he, along with his wife, did the EBC trek. No wonder, the couple loved Nepal and so Yad is back in the country but this time, on a solo trip.

Yad put out the first video from this trip last week as he explored some parts of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. And the second video, that he recently released, takes us to Kavya Resort in Nagarkot; and damn, it’s dope to say the least.

Man, and they say, money can’t buy happiness. I, for sure, won’t be sad at this place. Even if I am sad, I would prefer being sad here than somewhere else.

The way Yad gets treated here is some experience, I am telling you. Kinda like The White Lotus, except the dark part and stuff, eh? In fact, I totally think HBO should consider filming a season here. It’s fancy and exotic; and more importantly, it’s right in the middle of woods where a lot could happen. Ooh, juicy!

They filmed the first season in Hawaii, the second one in Sicily; and for the third one, they are probably going to Thailand. It would be great to have them here for the fourth.

Side note, Aubrey Plaza is love!!!!

Anyway, back to the resort; a quick visit to their website tells me that a suite costs USD 373 per night and a single bedroom villa is USD 497. Okay, I’ll see myself out. But someday, just may be, someday.

But it does look like it’s worth the money (if you’ve got it).

It looks like Yad scored himself a pretty sweet deal. See, being an influencer is kinda cool. Anyways, here’s the vlog. Enjoy!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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