Watch: Solo Trekker’s Mardi Himal Trek

Looking for something to watch? How about this video of a solo traveler’s trek to Mardi Himal?

Mickey Stotch’s third video in Nepal is a 53-minute video of him going on a trek alone to Mardi Himal. There’s not much talking, and it’s literally just the Russian YouTuber trekking, staying at guest houses, having dal-bhat, and saying Namaste to local people; but it’s beautiful.

Having finished the 4-day trek last month in March, the Thailand-based YouTuber is one of the last few solo trekkers to have done the trek without a guide; as Nepal has now made it mandatory to have a guide on all treks in national parks and conservation areas, banning solo trekking, starting from April 1.

It’s a simple, slow-paced video with few aerial shots here and there; but it connects so well. Plus, props to Mickey for doing the trek almost twice. I mean, imagine how many times he had to set the camera at a place, walk from or towards it, and then go and get it after the shot. Kudos, dude.

So, here it is. Enjoy!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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