Watch: Kathmandu Girl’s Adventurous Solo Cycling Trip to Thorong La

Guys, this is Sajal Pradhan.

Well, that’s kinda all that I know about her. But after watching her 9-minute video, I’ve come to know that she is this adventurous girl who loves to travel every chance she gets. She is smart, for sure, and she has a great sense of humor.

Judgemental much? It’s not judging if I am saying good things about the person, I guess, or is it? Anyway, doesn’t matter ‘cos I am gonna say what I’m gonna say. Pfft! Whatever that means.

Moving ahead, the girl is one of the winners of the Solo Woman Travel Challenge 2019. Don’t tell me you don’t know what that is. That’s why you gotta read my blogs, dude. It’s a thing the good fellas at NepaliTravellers have been doing for years now. Of course it couldn’t be done this year because 2020 is seriously fucked up. In order to apply for the travel grant, you gotta tell them where you wanna go to and your itinerary and stuff along with the budget you will be needing to make it possible. That’s pretty much it; and then your plan is up on their social media handles, along with that of other participants. They choose the winners and if you are one of them, you get to travel for free. Sounds good?

So our girl, Sajal, chose this cycling trip in the Annapurna circuit. Kinda crazy, eh? She was at it for eighteen freakin’ days — cycling, camping, hiking and carrying her bike (of course). And she did it all alone because she is the winner of SOLO TRAVEL CHALLENGE, remember? Duh!

She went from HERE…

to HERE…

So fuckin’ cool!

She did this trip last year in October (when we weren’t in the middle of this goddamn pandemic). “Every time I travel, i just feel like I am definitely becoming a hippie and live here, never to return to Kathmandu. You meet the same kind of people and I feel like, “This is real freedom” and then I come back to my job and the city and I feel like, “Oh I’m financially independent, you know, this is real freedom.”

Cut to less than a year forward, being able to go to a grocery store to get some chips and drinks seems like a real freedom.

I am sure the trip wasn’t as easy and comfortable like she makes it look like…. wait a minute, did she though? I am pretty sure at some point she said, “I am dying today.” Anyway, the point is, she makes it look extremely fun and inspires you to go out and really live your life (now is not the good time pheri aile nai niskine hoina ni tyaha).

It surely won’t be easy…

But it definitely would be worth it…

Here, watch her journey as she reminds you what living feels like.



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