New Samir Shrestha Music Video is Absolutely Beautiful, Thanks to the Lead Actor

Having given a blockbuster hit ‘Je Chhau Timi’ with Swoopna Suman earlier this year, Samir Shrestha has now dropped a new solo single.

The song’s called ‘Andhakar Ko Ujyalo’ and it’s written, composed and performed by Samir himself; with the music produced by Saswot Shrestha. The music video; starring Shyam Khadka and Suprina Bajracharya; is shot by Aadhitya Shrestha, edited by Ashok Adhikari and directed by Nayan Rai.

The song is amazing; but what impressed me even more is the music video. It is so good, like really good. Shyam Khadka has done such a wonderful job that it would make you think, “Who is this guy? Why haven’t I seen him in a film yet?” He has done some shorts; but he deserves a good feature film role. Swoopna Suman and Jyotsna Yogi also appear in cameo roles in the video and the first instinct as a blogger is to put them on the cover of this post as that would likely make more people click on the link; but that would be so unfair to this spectacular actor. Such good work.

Samir had performed the song briefly on a Call Kantipur episode that aired on Kantipur TV in April last year. He had said that the music video for the song would probably be released in a month. Well, good things take time. It arrived a year late, but no complaints ’cause it’s a beautiful song with an equally beautiful music video.

“We all have heard a lot of graceful and heartwarming stores about mother’s love and even witnessed some in our life. But in this entire world fathers love is the least expressed thing in the world. But deep inside we all know they are our superhero”, writes the singer-songwriter. “A loving person little strict and who really works hard just to give his family a good life. This music video is specially dedicated to my hardworking and loving dad and all loving fathers of the entire world.

Great work. Watch.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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