Bidhya Tiwari Releases Absolutely Beautiful New Song ‘Mausam’

I remember when the first season of Nepal was coming in 2017, the first audition teaser they put out was of Bidhya Tiwari performing a Ciney Gurung song and it totally got me hyped for the show. Later, she made the Top 8 on the singing reality show that year.

It’s always good to see talented artists working on music and putting out their work on a regular basis. I am glad to see Bidhya doing the same.

Bidhya has come up with a new session called ‘Outdoor Vibes’ which is “a reflection of my inner sense and love towards nature and music”; and the first song has now been released. Titled ‘Mausam’, this one’s a collaboration with Sunny Sunam who has written the song and composed music; along with the music producer Zanrix.

I love the lovely outdoor setup, kinda reminds me of when VTEN turned some khola side legit into a living room, but a simpler one. It’s shot by Sadin tamang, edited by Adarsha Gurung and directed by Sarmila Ale.

I love, love this song.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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