‘Ke Lat Basyo’ Singer Tilak Singh Pela Just Released a New Song

When ‘Ke Lat Basyo‘ was released in January earlier this year, it was quite a surprise to see the kind of popularity it gained. I mean, it totally proved, if you make good music — no matter what genre — it will receive love. In the world of hiphop, r&b, pop, rock and electronic; a ghazal doing so well was heartwarming to see. Written by Pradip Mukar Mainali, the song was performed and composed by Tilak Singh Pela who is back again with a brand new song — “a Thumri bandish song based on Raag Pahadi” this time.

The song’s called ‘Hera Din Dhalyo’ and it is written by Krishna Singh Pela. Composed and sung by Krishna Singh Pela, the music arrangement is done by Rhythm Kandel and the track is mixed and mastered by Maheshwor Man Rajbhandari.

With Dharma Gandharva on sarangi, Kumar Maharaj on tabala and mridangam, Nagendra Bikram Rai on flute, Rhythm Kandel on piano, Anup Das on bass guitar, Dipak Thapa on lead guitar, Santhosh Bhakta Shrestha on esraj and Tilak Singh Pela himself on harmonium; the song has a music video shot by Suresh Shrestha, and directed and edited by Bishnu Sharma.

Needless to say, it’s a beautiful piece of art.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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