I Watched the Film That Grossed Rs. 520 Last Year & I Deserve A Medal!

When the Film Development Board released the box office numbers of the films released last year in 2079 BS (2022-23), Deepak Raj Giri made it quite clear that he is not satisfied by the data as according to him, the income of his latest film, Chhakka Panja 4, was not correct.

After watching a film last night, I tend to agree with him.

The film that I watched is called ‘Shiwani’, which was released last year on September 9. As per the FDB’s data, this hell of a film made a whopping Rs. 520 (note a typo, it’s actually Five Hundred and twenty), and five tickets of the film were sold. I mean, there’s no way this film could have made that much, it’s too big an amount for it to make. Those FDB numbers gotta have been rigged. And if those are true, I kindly appeal to the government to give those five film-goers some kind of bravery award.

This super action-revenge-drama is straight up a direct competition to the 2003 cult classic, The Room.

Last night, in my full consciousness — without anybody else forcing me on gunpoint, I decided to give this one a chance. I mean, how could a film be so bad, right? Wrong! It actually is that bad, worse than Jay Kishan Basnet films.

This is the hero. Watch him act once, and Anmol KC will look like Al Pacino to you.

And this is our khunkhaar villain.

And his notorious gang.

Here comes the big boss. The final boss that Mario has to fight in order to save the queen. His name is Raate. Most probably because he wears rato luga.

And the film is full of action sequences like these.

I am writing this from my hospital bed as I had to be rushed to the ICU once I finished it. Just kidding, I survived it. Just had to take three aspirins for the headache.

The film was released on YouTube just two months after its theatrical release; and the recent news about it only selling five tickets has actually helped it garner some views on the platform. It has almost 20k views as of now, and that’s sure to increase because of word of mouth like this.

The film jointly directed by Wronit Beesungkhe and Upendra Prasad Khadka stars Uttam Bista, Purnima Lama, Prasant Kumar Yadav, Upendra Prasad Khadka and Sonu Poudel, among others.

If you are feeling brave tonight, stream this.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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