Watch: Incredible Classic Car Collection in Nepal

Saurabh Jyoti loves motor cycles and owns dozens of them — some of them being the only unit in Nepal. He has got such rare and vintage machines that he has a “museum” of motorcycles in the form of SJ Moto Gallery at Kantipath, Kathmandu. No wonder the Director of Jyoti Group of Companies is the first person who comes to mind when you doubt, “Tyo bike ta Nepal ma chhaina hola hai? Tara Saurabh Jyoti sanga chahi huna sakcha.”

But wait, this blogpost is not about him, it’s actually about another passionate automobile collector who, let me just say it, seems to be even more obsessed. But he is more into cars and has one that is almost a century old, a 1928 Ford model A. And guess what, it’s in perfect driving condition. In fact, all of the classic cars he has got, over two dozens of them, are fully tax -paid and can be driven.

The collector is Raj Bahadur Shah and he is introduced to us by Saurabh Jyoti in the latest video by SJ Moto YouTube channel. Well, game recognizes game!

Raj has been doing this for almost two decades and it’s tremendous to see how much effort he puts in to rescue and restore these vintage machines — some of which take years, as so much goes into finding and bringing the parts that are hardly available.

Watch the Managing Director of Jwalakhel Group of Industries gives you a tour and tell you all about the history of these cars and how are they restored.

All photos: YouTube/SJ Moto


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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