Sailesh Niroula Releases New Song ‘Ram Narayan Yadav’

I don’t remember when was the last time a rap song gave me goosebumps; no, that doesn’t mean it’s been long since I’ve liked a rap song, I mean there have been so many amazing tracks by our home-grown talents in recent times but this one that I am talking about right now, hit me right where it feels.

If you’re into hiphop, you probably know Sailesh Niroula already. I mean you’ve got to know him; and if you don’t, well too bad but better late than never.

The rapper has already put out some of the most meaningful tracks on his two-year old YouTube channel and it’s possible you’ve heard one or two of them. ‘VIP Sawari‘ and ‘Aama Lai Phone‘ ring a bell? His latest is called ‘Ram Narayan Yadav’ and man, it’s — how do I put it? — it’s spectacular.

So this Ram Narayan Yadav is a “fictional” character from Terai who has got an opportunity to speak his heart out about his experiences of how people have tough time recognizing him as a Nepali and no matter what he (and his ancestors) do for the country, it’s never good enough; and they are always looked down on.

“Naulo thau, pahilo choti aauda kathmandu sahar,
Garda chinjaan koi koi saathi ko badlya thiyo najar,
Sunera boli ho ki, dekhi anuhaar ko color,
master lai prashna sodhda ni haaso chalthyo class bhar

“Ma aafno rashtriyta ko pramaan diu kasari,
Euta dai simama khatira sashatra prahari,
Arko apaanga tirsathhi ko aandolan ma pari,
Kaka ghaaite bhaka ti laathi simana ma ladi,
Barsau dekhi basya chha jangi pillar rakshya gari,
Pramaan diu kasari chhati ma chha nepal bhani,
Dhoti layeni desh kai jhanda bokchu ma pani,
Bairi lai khosna deko chhaina aadha inchi jamin,
Purkha le jogaye tehi dharma nibhaudai chhu ma pani

Written and performed by Sailesh Niroula, who also goes by the name Shabdajaal; the music is produced by ANXMUS. The music video that stars Sagar Biswas is shot and directed by Sakar Shrestha.



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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