Blogger Shares Experience of Using Menstrual Cup, Answers Most Asked Questions

My favorite feature on Instagram has to be the Explore Page. I mean so many amazing things are happening and so many great content are being put out there that are created by the people I don’t follow on the platform. The page shows me the posts based on what I have looked for and liked in the past. I mean, it’s mostly food but well, there are other things too.

So yeah, this morning I was doing my thing and came across this IGTV video by Ekata Tandukar that has her sharing her experience of using the menstrual cup for the first time.

I’ve heard and read about menstrual cup a little and apparently, it’s a better alternative to sanitary pads and tampons as it’s both budget and eco-friendly. While you spend at least around/over 100 bucks every month on sanitary pads, this thing costs around a thousand bucks and can be used for years. It’s also supposed to be more comfortable (once you get used to it) and it’s healthier as it doesn’t absorb but collects blood, preventing from rashes or other infections one might get.

Wait, before I continue, just to be clear, I am a guy (just in case you were wondering and didn’t know). So why am I talking about periods and menstrual cups? Because why not?

So where was I? Yeah, Ekata Tandukar’s IGTV video. The six-minute video was posted three weeks back and it has already garnered over 90k views. That kinda explains that this device might not be popular in Nepal yet but people surely have started to wonder about it and are probably willing to try it.

The blogger gives the product a positive review and also answers some of the most wondered about questions like where can it be bought in Nepal, what size you would need, how do you use it, is it comfortable, does it hurt and some other stuff.

Here, watch the video yourself.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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