Yugal Gurung’s New Song Makes You Forget About Everything Else

I have loved Yugal Gurung’s music ever since he debuted ‘Timi’ a little over two years back. And I started loving it a little more when I realized the singer-songwriter has a heart of gold as he donated the money he got from the sales of his album ‘Lukamari’ to feed the people and animals badly affected by the on-going pandemic. That was such a kind thing to do.


The UK-based artist has now released a new song and well, it’s as beautiful as his soul.

The song titled ‘Samae Deu’ is written, composed and sung by Yugal and the track is mixed and co-produced by another amazing artist, Diwas Gurung. The music video starring Bikas Neupane and Hena Nagarkoti is a work of Sudin Bajracharya, Shashank Thapa and Gaurav Tamang.

This, right here, is some pure music.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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