Yugal Gurung’s ‘Lukamari’, Album of the Year, is Released on YouTube

We ain’t no Grammy; not even Radio Kantipur’s National Music Awards or Tuborg Image Awards but we’re still declaring this one the Album of the Year and not just because it’s pure gold but also because it helped feed over 1000 people and dozens of stray dogs and cats during such difficult times.

Of course, we’re talking about Yugal Gurung’s ‘Lukamari’ here.

The UK-based singer-songwriter’s debut album that hit the internet, on his website to be more particular, on the 7th of April brought Rs. 3,46,472 from album sales until 27th of April. And you know what he did with that money? He donated all of it to help people and animals in need so they don’t have to sleep empty stomach.

“When I realised my album release shows for my new album Lukamari in Nepal had to be cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19, I was a bit dazed, not sure how to take this uncertain change of plans. Having taken over a year to write the album, 4 months of recording / production work, quitting my job and travelling to Nepal, I was really looking forward to playing these shows just like how I had seen it in my head”, he writes on his website.

“At this point the sheer scale of this pandemic had not registered through me. I went from planning to playing shows around Nepal to being locked down in a house for over a month. Eventually being in isolation in this lockdown opened my eyes to the disastrous magnitude of the situation we were in.”

“During lockdown, I with my friends formed a team and came up with an idea to build a website to release my new album through a digital platform (this website). Listeners were able to purchase and download the album for a digital copy of Lukamari. Our sole intention to develop this platform was to donate all the proceeds from the album to an organisation that were dedicated to help families affected by this pandemic and nationwide lockdown.”

Yugal, who is also part of Haami band, found out about Hiteri, Volunteer Corps Nepal and Kat Centre and partnered with them in their mission.

This is so awesome, right? I mean, we’ve all heard about artists giving away part of the proceeds to charity but this, giving away all of it is something only a beautiful soul would do. The album can still be purchased from his website and if you think what he did is amazing, pleased do support him by buying it.

He has also made the full album available on YouTube. The eight-track album is mixed and mastered by another genius, Diwas Gurung. Here, listen to this gem of an album right here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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